Email: Phone: 518-325-3045
Email: Phone: 518-325-3045


phils_newPhil’s Irrigation designs, installs, and services automatic, underground irrigation systems and sub-surface drip systems for residential and commercial sites. We will work closely with you, and various professionals such as contractors, landscapers, plumbers, etc. to give you the best value through high quality to meet your needs. We perform spring and winter maintenance with the first year of these being free. We also provide free estimates, and give a one year guarantee on your system.

Phil gives full attention, and 100% concentration to your individual job. He works in the field every day. He can be reached early mornings, or later in the evenings at the home office. Also, feel free to leave a message, or email, and we will return it as soon as possible.

We have clients in New York state, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We work within Columbia County, and Northern Dutchess County NY; Northwest Corner of CT; and Southern Berkshire County, MA.

Designs are based on a landscape plan, soil, and sufficient water source capabilities.

Installations include a one year warranty on your system; first winterization and first spring start up are free of charge.

Annual spring (May) and winter (Oct) maintenance will be automatic unless otherwise noted by customer.

Installation of your system will be executed after all excavation work, and plantings are completed; and before any sod is laid, or mulching occurs. This will ensure that there is no damage to the irrigation system as well as the ground cover.

Service includes repairs, and add ons to your system

State Specs:
CT contractors are required to be licensed
CT and MA- require installation of a backflow preventer
Also required is a licensed plumber to tie into the installed irrigation system. I am happy to coordinate with your plumber so together we can ensure all requirements are met.

New York State requires a capital improvement form to be filled out, signed and returned to us so that no sales tax will be charged for capital improvements. We request that your form be returned to us with your 50% deposit.

Estimates: If you would like a free estimate we will need the gallons per minute of your well-if using the well for irrigation-and a landscape plan.
If approved we would need a signed estimate with a 50% deposit, and then we would secure the materials and schedule the work accordingly.